Prypto's Crypto Wallet Cards have been designed for those both new to BitCoin or those who want a Cold Storage/Paper Wallet option without the cumbersome processes involved.

You will have received two cards:

   Private Key Card


This Private Key is simply a Password to the Wallet Address. By having the Private Key you are able to spend any BitCoins that have been sent to the Wallet Address.

   Wallet Address Card

Your unique Wallet Address is what you use to send your BitCoins to. Your card contains two snap-off Key Fobs, so you can put one onto your Key ring along with your car keys and keep one as a backup.

    What is a BitCoin Wallet?

    In simplistic terms, a BitCoin Wallet is a unique Address (combination of letters and numbers) you can have BitCoins sent to. To spend the BitCoins you need the password which is the Private Key.

    The BitCoin BlockChain

    BitCoin is held on what is called the BlockChain and is visible to everyone, in essence a public ledger. To check the balance of a BitCoin Wallet Address you can use a service like<address here> (example below).

How to send coins to your Crypto Wallet Card.

To send coins to your Crypto Wallet Card, please use the following steps:

1. Give the person sending you the coins your Wallet Address, either by letting them use the QR code on the Key Fob or providing them the Wallet Address printed on the Key Fob.

On this Key Fob we have:


How to check the Balance of a Crypto Wallet Card.

To check the balance, you can use the BitCoin BlockChain and a 3rd party service such as, please use the following steps:

1. Go to the following URL using the Wallet Address on your Key Fob, we will use the example address

On this Key Fob we have:

Private Key

How to spend the Balance of a Crypto Wallet Card.

Once you are ready to spend the coins held on a Crypto Wallet Card, you will need to connect Crypto Wallet Card to a wallet which is connected to the Internet. Many 3rd party companies offer this service and we recommend the following:


These services allow you to import Private Keys which will connect the coins from your Crypto Wallet Card and make them available to spend via the 3rd party account.

Their service will ask you to Import or Scan Private Key, when asked scratch the Private Key and the QR code holds your Private Key that is associated with the Wallet Address you are transferring.

Once you have connected your Wallet to a 3rd Party wallet service, all coins you send to your Key Fob Wallet Address will be available via the 3rd party to spend.